Service Your Policyholder in Real Time in any channel

Mobile, Phone or Web

Instant Service Appointment Scheduling

Your policyholder receives a confirmed appointment in the first contact with your Company or Agent. Unlike "we'll call you back" solutions, AGServiceNow brings instant resolution with sophisticated service assignment scheduling and tracking.

First Call Resolution

Dramatically reduce your FNOL call times and attain prompt resolution for your policyholders. Eliminate long hold times, three way-calls, warm transfers or call backs.

Zero Call Resolution

For today's consumer that wants to interact via the web or mobile device, AGServiceNow has the connectivity and business process to deliver real-time resolution and a create the ideal web experience to meet your customer's expectations

Coverage anywhere in the U.S.

Consistency of service and value

Nationwide Warranty

Piece of Mind for your policyholder

Pricing and Cost Contorl

Competitive Discounts and Expert Part Management - The Right Part at the Right Price - Every Time.

Qualified and Connected Service Providers

We monitor and track the performance of service providers in a 17 point performance scorecard. Many of the providers in our system are connected in real-time in assure real -time service responsiveness.

Business Intelligence

Real -time and transparent reporting and dashboards.

Service that drives Policyholder Loyalty

Industry Leading Net Promoter Scores

Customer Surveys

We track not only service provider results, but also how your policyholder experience their claim event. Our NPW scores are consistently at the top of the industry

Constant Communiations

Email and text confirmations and alerts keep policyholders informed and engaged

Service Tracking

We are on the job from first report through service dispatch and job completion.