About StrategicClaim

Founded in 1997, StrategicClaim, a wholly owned subsidiary of TruRoad Holdings, Inc. provides industry-leading auto, auto glass, property and other claims engagement services to regional, super-regional and national insurance carriers and their agents and policyholders. We are a claim engagement solutions innovator. Our responsive, agile, and customizable software platform and scalable claim center capabilities can revolutionize a carrier’s ability to flex with variable workloads and gather claim incident information from insureds faster and more accurately online or by phone.

Innovative SaaS Claims Platform

Our cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) claims platform makes it simple for insureds to report a claim from the incident site or later using the device of their choosing. Insureds are guided through claim reporting with the industry’s most interactive, intelligent and intuitive user experience. In most cases, they can immediately choose from a range of claim resolution pathways to be scheduled and activated instantly. Our service team uses the same technology to handle your claims more quickly and accurately, delivering high customer and policyholder satisfaction at lower cost.

Complete Auto Glass Management Program

Our complete Auto Glass Claim Program features a national network of over 6,000 glass shops and over 100 trained call center staffers at our two 24 x 7 x 365 contact centers in Burlington, MA and Eau Claire, WI. StrategicClaim processes over 300,000 claims annually for our national, regional and state-based Insurer clients and fleet owners. We reduce your total glass claim costs will raising service levels and client satisfaction.

Faster. Easier. More Accurate.

World-class technology makes StrategicClaim a unique leader, but we are more than just a SaaS technology-enabled insurance services provider. We have extensive expertise working with carriers and fleet owners/managers to identify the ideal claims handling workflow for them. Our top-notch team of claims handling experts along with our superior cloud computing platform are the keys to efficient, cost-effective claim resolution—and your ability to deliver a superior customer experience to today’s increasingly mobile policyholders.

About TruRoad

StategicClaim’s parent company, TruRoad, was formed in 2018 to provide capital and support to on-demand auto and claims services organizations. In addition to StrategicClaim, JN Phillips Auto Glass, Techna Glass, and Windshield Centers are part of the TruRoad family. TruRoad is the second largest automotive glass and claim management company in the nation.