Dynamic claim reporting and resolution.

First Notice AND Resolution (FNAR) – The new standard for claim excellence.

StrategicClaim cloud based FNAR platform powers easier, faster and more accurate claim communication and resolution between insurance organizations and their insureds. By transforming claim handling between your organization and your client  from the current FNOL (heavily paper, manual driven with frequent delay between report and resolution) into modern FNAR (connected, automated and an instant path from report to resolution commencement) the result is happier clients and better claim metrics.

What exactly is FNAR?

First Notice and Resolution. FNAR is the dynamic solution for claims handling. Instead of being separate activities, FNAR combines the initial report of a claim(FN) with an integrated real-time resolution engine(AR) that brings your clients answers right away, in the moment, at the scene, and on any device. All aligned with claim best practices.

StrategicClaim pioneered FNAR and has the most experience in its evolution. Our FNAR utilizes smart claim intake methodologies and rules driven claim resolution paths, and delivers that through an exceptional user experience for you and for your client – across any and all devices – phone, smartphone, tablet, desktop.

It’s Easier.

Make reporting and resolution of a claim simple, helpful and intuitive for the insured – no matter the reporting method. It’s always available 24/7. Increase customer satisfaction and retention. FNAR is the solution for your insurance clients needs. Pleasing to digital clients that live on their smartphone, and to those that just want an enabled person on the other end of a landline. Either way clients want answers, and StrategicClaim FNAR makes that happen.

See FNAR in Action

It’s Faster. It’s More Accurate.

Reduces time and cost of collecting relevant and robust claim event information. Provide immediate and optimal resolution options for insured. It’s always available 24/7. FNAR pleases the most discerning of claim executives by producing more accurate and more predictable results. While the client receives lightning fast response, all the key business rules are working behind the scenes, taking claim reports from any channel and understanding how to accurate assess and contain risks. We produce shorter cycle time from report to resolution, shorter or zero phone call times, resulting in higher customer satisfaction scores.

See FNAR in Action

Cloud based FNAR meets Best claim practices

StrategicClaim is built on the latest cloud technologies. This means insurance organizations can quickly enable claim reporting from any device that is easy, intuitive and attractive for clients to use. This leads to better quality initial information gathering, and more information is gathered earlier in the process than conventional FNOL solutions.

With a high quality FNAR initial claim report, insurance organizations use that quality information to offer faster and simpler resolution options to clients, usually in the same time frame as the report is received.The high quality claim report also results in more thorough and earlier damage and risk assessment, which in turn produces more accurate claim results.

Our advanced technology platform embeds smart business rules that inform each user in real time of path optimization.  Across the StrategicClaim platform, we produce greater flexibility to respond immediately to the evolving needs of the consumer and insurance industry versus being dependent on traditional legacy systems and business processes. As part of our technology investment, we deliver the necessary connectivity with service providers in claim resolution.

Backed by extensive subject matter knowledge

StrategicClaim delivers advanced and flexible claims solutions, because they are built by us, and based upon our foundation of subject matter knowledge. All of our solutions have been designed by claims professionals and by our claims experts to meet the specific needs of P & C Insurers and Agencies in claims management. The support of our state of the art contact centers completes the full service omni-channel resolution experience.

Strategic Claim has developed deep subject matter expertise in  claims management, with 18 years of experience, a dedicated team with long tenure, and a history of millions of claims processed. We deliver results, and have a number of industry “firsts” in claims management.