Jumpstart your agency website with amazing claim reporting for your customer, from any device

Beautiful and intuitive claim intake screens, with integrated business rules and consumer communication

Consumer Self-Service Claim Page

You can setup StrategicClaim so that consumers can self-report a new claim online or check the status of an existing claim using their smartphone or desktop device.

Improve the Call experience for your insureds

When an insured calls in a claim, agency staff can expertly and easily gather claim information and automatically forward instantly to participating carriers. Intuitive screens make it easy to use the platform in minutes

Easy to launch and manage

Easily launch your branded claim platform in minutes. Connect to your agency management systems, insuring organization claim system, and to participating service providers.

Regulatory Compliance

No matter the intake method, StrategicClaim recognizes state by state regulations, and each interaction is designed to achieve regulatory compliance in all aspects of the claim experience.

An instant path to claim resolution

To meet expectations of today’s consumers, its got to be fast, informed and connected.

First Contact Resolution

Your policyholder can usually get a confirmed claim service appointment at first contact with our instant appointment scheduling system.

Responsive to customer scheduling needs

Our dynamic scheduling algorithm and connectivity to the widest range of service providers can help customers find the best appointment times to fit their schedules and meets Insurers claim best practice goals


The optimized resolution plan can be coordinated with each partner insurer claim best practice rules.

Keep your customer up to date during the repair process

Provide real time information to your customer about the status of claim and the progress of repair or restoration activities.

Updates for your customers

Email or text updates throughout the process of the claim evaluation, repair or restoration

Business Intelligence in Provider Evaluation

We measure and display provider ratings.

Repair Community Connect

Connects the service provider community to your customer in real-time.

Team up with us and your Carriers for complete claim management

CarrierConnect provides tight integration with your Insurer partners to insure all business goals are met. Include our 24/7 and overflow support to keep your customers serviced around the clock

StrategicClaim Contact Center

For a hosted solution, after hours or throughout the day, choose the StrategicClaim contact center for seamless 24/7 personal interactions with your consumers. Our reps are claims experts first, and understand the unique aspects of the insurance agency world.

Fraud Protection

Our proprietary fraud management protection system helps protect against erroneous billings.

Regulatory Compliance

Makes sure that the communication with your customer complies with all applicable regulations in each state

Management Reporting

Access all the relevant information to track claim performance and customer satisfaction